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Today, businesses of all sizes are finding new ways to provide valuable solutions to changing markets. Common to each is the need for complete, accurate and prompt payroll and payroll tax payment and reporting. Our solution begins with providing these Payroll Essentials.

From there we learn about your unique requirements: Do you want your payroll handled by phone or enter the data yourself, online? Do you use your data to better manage your business? Do you share your payroll information with your benefit administrators?

Many payroll providers address the market by offering a single solution dictated by the number of employees on the payroll. We provide a suitably streamlined solution that best addresses your specialized needs, at the right price.

Every Payroll 1 client is supported by a single point of contact, their payroll specialist. Specialists know their clients and clients know their specialists, by name. That way our clients are ensured responsive, reliable, remarkable service.


Payroll Essentials

Employee Payroll Checks and Pay Statements

Standard Payroll and Accounting Reports

Payroll Tax Services

Quarterly and Annual Reporting

Forms W-2

Online Services

Data Entry, Data Access, Data Transfer – Payroll 1 Online

Payroll Report and Tax Return Access – Payroll 1 On Demand

Employee Pay Statement Access – My Payroll 1

HR Data Access – Payroll 1 Online

HR Reference Library – HR Support Center

Custom Reporting – Create A Report

Employee Payment Options

Check Signing, Stuffing and Sealing

Trust Account Services

Direct Deposit


Payroll Tax Services

TaxMate® Tax Payment and Filing Service

Tax Checks and Reminder Notices

HIRE Act Tax Credits

COBRA Tax Credits

Integration options:

  • Time and Attendance Systems
  • Benefit Plan Administrators
  • Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Insurance
  • General Ledger
  • QuickBooks®


Additional Report Options

Paid Time-Off

Employee Deductions

Deferred Compensation

Workers’ Compensation

Bank Reconciliation Tool

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